Alvenh Channe


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A partial list of some of my weekend and holiday projects, either completed, underway, set aside, or in the queue...


  • Railroad Handcar: A home-built standard gauge (full size) working replica of an antique handcar.

Electricity and Electronics

  • Telegraph Sounder: A simplified working model of a standard telegraph instrument, made largely of wood.
  • Crystal Radio Receiver: A highly selective and sensitive old English style multiband crystal radio.


  • Bookbinding: A home-made hardcover book.
  • Bookbinding 2: Back by popular demand, a method of sewing single sheets by whipstitching (overcast sewing or oversewing) in preparation for bookbinding.
  • Popsicle Stick Clock: A mechanical (wind-up) bracket clock made from Popsicle sticks!
  • More to come...

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