Kinder Books (Responsive Website)

Kinder Books is a site about children’s books.  In addition to book reviews and featured authors, Kinder Books introduces teachers, parents, and young readers to a variety of genres of literature in both fiction and non-fiction.  The focus was on demonstration of responsive websites that adapt to browser widths and/or device types (desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones) and automatic arrangement of display of content as appropriate for optimal usability.

jQuery Tutorial

Demonstrated the various ways in which JQuery and JavaScript can be implemented in three easy-to-follow tutorials.

Blackjack Game

Created a Blackjack game using jQuery.  This is a single-player game in which the user plays against the computer.

Gotham Funeral Home (Group Project)

Created a proposal document and website for a local business, Gotham Funeral Home.  Focused on the management of projects, communication with clients, research, planning (i.e. wireframe layouts, PhotoShop mockups, &c.), branding, usability and design.

Beachside Sushi House

Created a 5 page brochure website for a fictitious trendy urban style sushi restaurant in Vancouver.  The focus was on the use and demonstration of HTML5, CSS, Adobe PhotoShop, and Google Web Analytics.