Photoshop: Dollar Coin Mock-Up

voyageur dollar coin

Combining elements of separate images using Adobe Photoshop, created a mock-up of what the Canadian circulation dollar was “supposed” to look like. The image of the voyageur first appeared on circulation silver dollars in 1935. In the mid-1980’s, a new 26.5 mm golden dollar featuring the same image was scheduled to be released for circulation, replacing the dollar bill and large dollar coin. However, dies were lost in transit and a back-up design – the common loon – was used instead.

Photoshop: 50’s Scenic Diner

Using Adobe Photoshop, created a picture of a 1950’s scenic diner from an amalgamation of components from 9 different photos.  Bringing the past into the present with the latest in design technologies, the 50’s lives-on in this digital creation.